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Where We Serve

Cheshire Bridge

Formerly known as “The Hill”, Cheshire Bridge is one of two outreach locations where we serve clients with a broad range of services: food, clothes, harm reduction, hygiene, etc.  We estimate 30+ people are living in this area where we have a long-standing and established relationship with many of the people.  This location has been the primary outreach location since 2018. The community is well-established, and our outreach is an integrated part of many people’s weekly routine.  Meet a few of our Cheshire Bridge friends.

Chamblee Tucker

We have approximately 25+ people returning week to week for food, hygiene, clothes, and harm reduction. There are several small encampments in the area as well as several budget hotels/motels and we have people driving in specifically for harm reduction. This also seems to be the area with the greatest prevalence of sex work/survival sex. This is also the spot where I’ve seen the largest number of Spanish speakers come through.