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Atlanta Magazine: Care for Their Companions

On a Sunday in October, members of the unhoused community gather in the Big House Guitars parking lot on the corner of Cheshire Bridge and Lavista
Roads. There, the Elizabeth Foundation, a nonprofit service organization, lays out two spreads-one with food, the other with warm clothes for the upcoming
cold and wet winter. Veterinarian Dr. Kristen Schmidt is also there to help. Through the nonprofit Project Street Vet, Schmidt provides free veterinary care to pets of unhoused individuals in Atlanta. She often partners with the Elizabeth Foundation to bring care to the same place, and today is busy.

Here comes Harley (who doesn’t share her legal name), wheeling a wire dog crate with a blanket on top. Under the blanket, six pit bull puppies climb over each other. The puppies were born less than a month ago to a dog named Bella at an encampment near Peachtree Creek. Just two days before Bella gave birth, her owner passed away due to a dmg overdose. Pet care has now become a community effort for the encampment, with Harley taking responsibility for finding the litter homes.

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