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AJC: Inspire Atlanta

HISTORY: Tracy Elizabeth Thompson struggled with homelessness, addiction and abuse before turning her life around and starting The Elizabeth Foundation in 2018. The name Elizabeth, also the name of her grandmother, means oath to God.

DID YOU KNOW: A large homeless camp, also known as “The Hill,” is one of the sites where The Elizabeth Foundation works, building relationships to open a path for rehabilitation (addictions, mental disorders, physical impairments). Every Sunday afternoon, they provide food and clothing. People also receive help with housing resources, hygiene supplies, hotel stays, MARTA cards, job placement, payment for medications and more.

MOTTO: Regardless of life’s circumstances, every human being has an inherent worth and deserves to be treated with dignity.

HOW CAN YOU HELP: Volunteers can assist on Sundays. Donations of winter items such as sleeping bags, gloves, and hats are especially needed at this time. The nonprofit is in immediate need of a vehicle.

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