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11 Alive: ‘Some people don’t want help, but I do want help’ | Man unable to get into Atlanta’s program for the unhoused

11Alive investigates why the program hasn’t made more progress.

11Alive recently investigated why Atlanta’s LIFT 2.0 initiative hasn’t made more progress. Availability is the issue right now. No apartments mean no room in the motel. No caseworkers to help people get their documents ready.

Tracy Thompson with the Elizabeth Foundation is reminded of the need daily.

“My phone blows up constantly, ‘Tracy, help. How can I get in? I say, ‘Patience. Get your documents,” she explains while walking through a maze of tents.

Thompson said despite the landscape that has had the trees bulldozed and trash removed, ‘The Hill’ isn’t gone, it just moved.

“So many people did not get housed. They had to go somewhere so this one grew,” said Thompson.

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